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Welcome to InteDashboard!

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about using InteDashboard, from setting up your first course, to running your activities down to exporting grades.

There's much our customers can achieve with InteDashboard, but here's a quick rundown of the first steps to do when you're just getting started.

Get set up with these easy steps!

Everything starts with account activation. The InteDashboard team will send you an activation link through email. Please check your Inbox!

Once you're logged in you'll see the Courses Page—where the list of all the courses you'll create will be. You can create as many courses as you need.



Within the course are "Modules"--sections to organize lesson plans. Within the modules you can create any number or combination of activities as you deem fit.


Whilst in the middle of setting up your courses, you must setup the enrolment process for the learners, as well.



Once you've created modules, you can create activities (IRATs, TRATs, Application Cases, Peer Evaluation - Michaelsen's Method and 360 Degree Evaluation).


Activities that learners take all at the same time are called synchronous activities.


InteDashboard has a "Presentation Mode" which allows instructors to share screen, equipped with toggles showing answer choices the learners has selected.

Once your activity has ended, you can release learner scores by following these simple steps.



Export Grades

You can easily exports learner grades data with a few click of a button.



Still need help?  Reach out to us at support@intedashboard.com or book a call with one of our customer advisors here.