How do I download my activity’s grades?

This article shows you how to generate and export your learner grades.

This Guide is for:

  • Super Admin
  • Teacher Admin (Full-Access)
  • Teacher (Owner Full-Access)

Steps on How to Download my Activity’s Grades

Step 1 – Click the blue button “Go to Dashboard” on the right-side of your actions column of the activity.

Step 2 – Click the white button “More Actions” on the top-right corner.

Step 3 – Click the blue button “Export Grades” in the drop-down.

Step 4 – A pop-up will appear to generate grades report. Click on the green button “Yes, Proceed”.

Step 5 – Click the white button “More Actions” on the top-right.

Step 6 – Click on the white button “Go to Grades” in the drop-down.

Step 7 – Once it’s ready, click the white “download” icon button on the right-side of the screen under the actions tab to export the file to your computer for viewing or editing.

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