Understand How Prework Activities Work From a Student Perspective

This article will guide you on how to navigate your pre-work activity on InteDashboard.

Prework activities provide preparatory materials created by your teacher. These materials can come in a variety of media types.

Here are screenshots of how to access your prework activity:

● Check the STATUS of the activity. Once it's marked as "Ongoing" you'll be able to click the "View Prework" button to view the content.

● Download and Preview the materials using the ACTIONS button.

Once inside the activity— you will see the following:

  • TYPE: This is the type of activity. This can also be IRAT, TRAT, Application, or 360 Degree Evaluation.
  • ACTIVITY NAME: This is the name of the activity.
  • COURSE: This is the course to which this activity belongs.
  • MODULE: This is the module this activity belongs to.
  • STATUS: It will tell you if the Prework is:
    • "Scheduled"—which means that it's not open yet.
    • "Ongoing"—which means that the Prework is ready for viewing.
    • "Ended"—which means the Prework is closed. 
  • DUE DATE: Date and time that the Prework Material will be closed.
    • Click "View Prework" to see the materials. 
Navigating Prework Materials
  • To download ALL the materials—click the box on the top-left-hand corner, then click the "Download Selected" button.
  • You can also download each and every material by clicking the blue "Download" button from the ACTIONS column.
  • You can preview the materials by clicking the "Preview" button.

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