Roles on InteDashboard

This article will explain the three different roles on InteDashboard - Super Admin, Admin Teacher and Teacher. 

This guide is for

  • Super Admin
  • Teacher Admin (Full-Access)
  • Teacher (Owner Full-Access)

Super Admin

  • The Super Admin is the main point of contact when it comes to support and administrative communication between your academic institution and InteDashboard.
  • They automatically have FULL ACCESS to the content of the entire account–including all courses, modules, activities and questions created by instructors. This means all courses created by everyone will be appear on the COURSES dashboard.
  • They can create Admin and Teacher accounts for their institution in InteDashboard.
  • They can perform all the functionalities that instructors can.
  • They can also reset other instructors’ and learners’ passwords, suspend/reactivate instructor accounts, and grant instructors ownership to the other instructor’s courses.
  • InteDashboard can allow multiple Super Admins for their institution by request. Please contact

Admin Instructor

  • The Admin users are instructors who can add other instructors to the InteDashboard account.
  • They can perform all functionalities that other instructors can.
  • They can also reset users’ password, edit any users’ details, suspend/reactivate accounts, not including the Super Admin’s account.


  • An Instructor can add, create, edit, modify, delete and archive any course they have authored and have a full-access to.
  • They can view only the courses they have created and have full access to.
  • They can reset, disenrol and suspend learner accounts in their course only.

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