IRAT with Confidence-based Testing

This article will provide you a step-by-step process on how to take IRAT with confidence-based testing as a student.

What is confidence-based testing?

Confidence-based testing or point spreading is a metacognitive exercise in which the learner is thinking about how confident they are in their answer and it gives them an opportunity to consider how strongly they agree with the answer.

The thought process is very different if the learner is thinking, "I remember this question from the preparation material, but I am really not sure what is the correct answer. It is either A or B." So with the confidence-based testing, he/she can indicate that by spreading those points between choice A and B. This is different from the usual scenario, in which the learner is thinking, "I am confused between A and B, but let me go with answer choice A." The learner uses guessing as a technique to choose a single answer choice. 

How to take IRAT with confidence-based testing on InteDashboard?

Step 1: Click Start to enter the IRAT

Step 2: Upon entering the test, if you are fully confident of your answer choice, allocate all the points by clicking the "+" button. Once you have allocated all points, click "Save My Answer".

Make sure you save all answers while answering them.

Step 3: If you are not sure of your answer choice, spread your points among the answer choices that you are deciding between. Click the "+" and "-" buttons to distribute the points. Once you have allocated all points, click "Save My Answer".

Step 4: After you have answered all questions, click on "Submit Test".

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