How the Team Reporter function works from a student's perspective

This article will provide an explanation of how the team reporter function works.

When you start being a part of team-based activities—you will notice the team reporter function.  You can think of the Team Reporter as the leader of your group.

Important information to keep in mind:

  • Only TRATs and Application Cases have a team reporter function. The team reporter is essentially the lead of your student team—who's responsible for moderating the group and submitting the selected answer.
  • By default, the first person who enters the activity will become the team reporter.
  • As your team works through the content, other members can take over as the reporter by clicking on the Take "Over As Team Reporter" button. (see image below)

  • You can also allow other members of the team to submit for the group by using the "Assign Others  As Reporter" button. (see images below)

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